PLACE welcomes Zion Members and those wanting to make Zion their church home or simply learn how to better serve their God no matter where they  are.
What is Place

PLACE is an on-line (or booklet) assessment tool designed to help you discover how you can best serve God and others according to your:

⇒ Personality
⇒ Learning your spiritual gifts
⇒ Abilities
⇒ Connecting to your passions
⇒ Experiences in your life
4 Simple Steps

1. Click on MOBILYZR button below to get a better understanding of what Place is all about.

2. Click on PLACE ASSESMENT  If you are ready to start, to get your passcode and complete the assessment.  

3. After you have completed your assessment you will meet with a PLACE Coach. Click below on Coaches button and you can decide who you want to have for a coach or one will be assigned.

4. Discover how you can better serve God at Zion or in your daily walk with Him by clicking #4.
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