Child Development Center

Our mission is to provide a quality child development center with elements of a spiritual based education to families of Abilene.

We are a Child Development Center located within Zion Lutheran Church. We believe that childhood is a special time and should be filled with learning through creativity, security, discovery, and safety. Our goal at All God’s Children CDC is to provide an atmosphere to encourage social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth for the development of the whole child. Your child will be guided with Christian ethics, prayer, Bible study, educational curriculum and play. All of these elements will be a part of your child’s daily routine.
Please note the rules and precautions we’re taking due to COVID-19:
1)  All staff have temperatures taken when they arrive on premises and when they return from lunch.
2)  All staff wear masks the entire day.  If your child is in an infant room where they are picked up and held a good portion of the day, please be aware that they keep them on as much as humanly possible.  However, as the infants get a little older they like to pull on masks and don’t really care for them.  So, there is an opportunity/time that the teacher MAY NOT have a mask on.  For the most part though, they will wear one consistently.
3)  With the toddlers and older children who do not require close, personal contact too much of the time, the teachers will try to keep space as much as possible.  However, we are going to love on our kids and nurture them as best and as safely as we possibly can.  They are struggling during these unfortunate times, just as much as we are, so we want to provide a loving and nurturing environment for them….especially if they are seeking that affection.
4)  Children’s temperatures are taken before they enter the building.  Parents/visitors are not allowed inside the building unless it’s an extenuating circumstance and/or there is a therapist who needs to see a child.  In which case, all will be required to wear a mask and temperatures will be taken upon arrival.
5)  This means, you will hand us your children as they come in the door.  We will check them in and get them to their classroom along with any information you need/want us to pass along. Or you can write a little note to the teachers that we can give them to pass along any info.  When you are on your way to pick up your child at the end of the day, we are asking that you call us when you are 3-5 minutes away so that we can go to your child’s room to get them and have them as ready as we can when you arrive to pick up.  We get a lot of calls, sometimes all at the same time, so there is a chance that we will miss someone or it may take us a few minutes to get everyone together.  Please be patient with us.  Drop off and pick up are really difficult times during the day and get extremely busy…especially if we don’t have all the coverage we need to have some people to run kids for us.  If you do not call on your way to pick up, please go ahead and park in the spaces provided at the south end of the parking lot, so that we don’t hold up the pick up line under the portico.  If you have specific items (backpack, clothes, bottles, etc) that will go home daily, please tell us that on the phone so we can be sure to grab those things.
6)  Toys are washed and sanitized regularly throughout the day.  Bathrooms are cleaned numerous times a day.  Children are to wash their hands when they come into the classroom and are washing them throughout the day, as are teachers.  
7)  Kitchen staff wear masks and gloves the whole time they are preparing/serving food.
8)  Children are split into groups as much as possible, in the classroom, to minimize large groups playing together.  They are spaced out as much as possible at the tables and/or carpet areas.
9)  Teachers are trying to do more activities outside, as much as possible, when weather permits.
10)  The state (Governor’s office) has lowered our ratios a bit, so we are trying to honor those recommended ratios when it’s logistically possible to do so.  Therefore, our classes are a little smaller than they normally would be.
Current Rates
6 weeks-17months: $170/week
18 months-23 months: $160/week
24 months-48months (not potty trained): $160/week
24 months-48 months (potty trained): $150/week
4-5 years: $150/week
After School Children: $60/week
School Pickup (Ward, Jim Ned): $35/month

For more information contact All God’s Children at (325) 437-KIDS (5437) or add your child to our online waiting list HERE. You can also e-mail us at

Director:   Jennifer Jones
H/R Director of Education and Training:  Shelley Smith
Financial Director:   Allison Spencer
Assistant Director: Vanessa McQuiston
Administrative Assistant: Melissa Werner