Child Development Center

Our mission is to provide a quality child development center with elements of a spiritual based education to families of Abilene.

We are a Child Development Center located within Zion Lutheran Church. We believe that childhood is a special time and should be filled with learning through creativity, security, discovery, and safety. Our goal at All God’s Children CDC is to provide an atmosphere to encourage social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth for the development of the whole child. Your child will be guided with Christian ethics, prayer, Bible study, educational curriculum and play. All of these elements will be a part of your child’s daily routine.

Current Rates
6 weeks-17months: $160/week
18 months-23 months: $150/week
24 months-48months (not potty trained): $150/week
24 months-48 months (potty trained): $140/week
4-5 years: $140 week
After School Children: $50/week
School Delivery (Wylie, Ward): $35/month
School Pickup (Ward, Jim Ned): $35/month


**Please note that All God’s Children is a nonprofit organization and we do not participate in any CCPO or any other State or Federal childcare assistance programs.


For more information contact All God’s Children at (325) 437-KIDS (5437) or add your child to our online waiting list HERE.

Executive Director:  Mrs. Shelley Smith
Assistant Director:  Mrs. Allison Spencer