Finding Your PLACE to Serve

God has blessed each of us with gifts that we can use to glorify Him in our daily lives. If you’d like to share the gifts that you’ve been given, below is a list of just a few of the current ministries that you can get involved in, but it is not comprehensive or a list of the future ministries that God has for Zion. Your gift may even be to help start a whole new ministry! For a more complete list and more information on some ways to get involved, please head to our Mobilyzr website by clicking here to begin finding your PLACE in ministry with us. When you’re ready to jump in, we have a spiritual gifts inventory and a coach to help you find your PLACE in ministry. Please give us a call at 325-690-0121 for an activation code to begin your spiritual gifts inventory and thanks for joining us on the road as we serve our God and his children!

Child Development Center

All God’s Children is one of the premier childcare facilities in the Abilene area. Serving families with children from 6 weeks old through their preschool years, All God’s Children seeks to educate and socialize children while sharing Christ’s love with them. Help plan, serve, or support different special activities and events throughout the year!


Join us for the planning and execution of the programs that teach our congregation and community about the love of Jesus Christ. This group watches over programs that include Sunday school, Kid’s Kount, children’s church, summer camps, youth group, youth gatherings, Bible studies, small groups, and much more!


Elders are men chosen by the congregation to serve in the worship life of the congregation as well as to serve a specific group of people through encouragement and a listening ear to the needs in the spiritual lives of their families.

Mission & Evangelism

God calls us to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in all places and situations. Our mission and evangelism team seeks to help Zion to reach out. In our community, in our state, in our nation, and around the world, we seek to provide opportunities for growth and service for those who seek to join us in sharing God’s love with our world.

Social Ministry

God calls us to serve each other and to think of each other as family. Whenever there’s a gathering of people at Zion, our social ministry is somehow involved. Whether setting up rooms with tables and chairs or making sure the buffet line is just right, they seek to make Zion more than just your place of worship. They hope to make it your church home.


With musical ensembles ranging from our chancel choir to our praise and worship team, there are many different styles and opportunities for those with musical gifts. Whether in a group or on your own, we hope to use the gifts that God has given to glorify His name!


Behind the scenes, there is always some action going on. If you’re reading this, you know how important technology is. Technology touches our lives and our church in so many ways. We are always looking for help with our website, our church network, logos and banners, our audio/visual capabilities and even our screens for worship.


God has given each of us gifts to use and to bless our community around us. Often we just need to know what needs are out there or how to use our gifts in a God-pleasing way. God has given us our time, our talents, and our treasures that we seek to use to praise Him.


From counting and budgeting our finances to paying the monthly bills, we are constantly seeking to use the gifts that God grants us to the best of our abilities. Most of our budget process is done during the months of October and November, but people willing to serve can be used throughout the year.



There is always something to be done around the church grounds. From daily upkeep to major renovations, our trustees help to keep Zion safe and running so there is a place to proclaim God’s name as we serve our community.